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Boulangerie bakery to buy fresh, warm bread and have a breakfast of coffee with croissant. The French love bread as much as Ukrainians do, and that’s why we decided to bring this French custom home. Today, baking is what we enjoy to do, something that inspires us on a routine day, on weekends, and sometimes even makes us get up in the middle of the night. We’d like to share with you our passion for oven-fresh bread and mind-blowing smell of pastry.
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and we assure you that you’ll love bread as much as we do.

Healthy and tasty

  • always fresh bread, and nothing less: we bake it at our bakeries and make to order;
  • we use more coarsely ground flour that contains more dietary fiber;
  • to bake our bread, we use an original, healthy blend of cereals, seeds and vegetables;
  • we use only natural, originally-made wheat starters;
  • we use artesian water from our own well;
  • at Boulangerie, we have collected the best bread and pastry recipes from France and not just from there.


  • we invited the best bakers and have studied experience of popular family-run bakeries to offer you the best taste;
  • all our breads and other baked products are formed manually: kneading, slashing, glazing;
  • we bake bread in real hearth ovens, a modern version of grandma’s wood oven;
  • long dough fermentation period: between 6 and 24 hours;
  • our bakers use technologies of multi-staged rolling of cream butter into dough. What is that? Try our French butter croissants, and you’ll see.
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