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Classic bread varieties

Our classic bread varieties are made from rye or wheat flour, or their mix, with added starter or yeast, healthy seeds, bran and vegetable puree. To choose your favorite variety, you should try everything we offer. The main favorites of our visitors are: Graham bread, light ciabatta, dark ciabatta, ciabatta with olives, toast bread, Bürli bread, Danish bread, Swiss bread, Pavé de Provence, bran Pavé and mini buns.

Light ciabatta is a classic Italian low-calorie bread made by long fermentation of dough with low yeast content. Ciabatta is soft and porous inside, and has crispy crust on the outside.

Pavé de Provence is made using natural fermentation starter with low yeast content. To make dough for this bread, we use freshly-made pumpkin puree.


This is not just a long loaf – this is France’s true visiting card. Connoisseurs say that our baguettes taste very French-like. They especially note: baguette Monge, baguette Artisan, multi-cereal baguette, buckwheat baguette, baguette with garlic oil and Fitness baguette.

Fitness baguette – is the taste and healthiness for those who take care of their beauty and health. This bread, made using natural starter, combines carrots, flax and sesame seeds and oatmeal flakes.

Tasty Viennoiseries

The smell and sweet taste of a cake at home always reminds of a weekend or holiday, joyous and generous. Therefore, we offer many traditional festive sweet treats: cake, bouche with poppy seeds, Stollen (Christmas pie) and panettone (Easter cake).

Stollen is a classic European Christmas pie with raisings, rum-soaked succades and almond flakes. Stollen is beautifully decorated with powdered sugar, and will surely look great on any festive table and at any tea party.

Favorite croissant and more

Puff pastry products consist of several layers with sweet or salty filling. Among our guests’ favorites are almond or chocolate croissants, custard tie, Spandauer, berry turnover, custard snail, sausage roll, chausson and khachapuri with hard cheese.

Almond croissants are made from 100% cream butter-based dough with ground almond and rum filling. On top, they are coated with fried almond flakes. One just can’t stop after only one croissant!

Custard and chocolate tie is an unusually-shaped bun. Airy, 100% cream butter-based yeast dough, tasty custard and dark chocolate bits – one can hardly find a more harmonious combination!

Pies and tarts

Come visit us for a tasty pie: open-faced tarts, European cakes and pastry. Here are our sweets stars: apple, bilberry, strawberry and raspberry tarts, pastries, mini tarts, cheesecakes, Belgian chocolate candies.

Berry (cherry) tart is a traditional French pie with an incredibly thin shortcrust pastry base and vanilla milk filling with added brandy that wonderfully goes along with juicy cherries.

Cheesecake is a tender cheese that simply melts in your mouth. Cheese soufflé is protected by the sweet, crispy crust. This is a healthy and tasty dessert which both children and adults enjoy.

Sandwiches, salads, quiches

If you want not just to have a snack but satisfy your hunger, take note of our lunch offers: classic European salads, hot and cold sandwiches, tasty crêpes (thin pancakes with filling) and quiches (pies with non-sweet filling).

Chicken quiche is a classic French pie consisting of non-sweet pastry base filled with juicy tomatoes and fried chicken with added tender cream. One piece is enough to replace a light lunch!

Hot Neapolitan sandwich is more than just a sandwich. It has tasty ham, juicy tomatoes, onions and tender cream on a classic French baguette based on a starter with low yeast content, all topped with spicy hard cheese.

Cold and hot beverages

We have a beverage for every season. Most often, our guests choose coffee, cocoa and tea which we make according to our original recipes, milk cocktails, fresh and regular juices and French wines.